AESOP Help Page

AESOP Quick Start Guide .pdf

Introduction to AESOP Video


Log information letter and access

Review Navigation

Create Absence, Review approval porcedure and status
  • NOTES to SUB: DO include parking spot information
  • NOTES to SUB: Do NOTuse review confidential student info
  • NOTES to ADMIN: Include FUNDING source

Create Favorite five list (two steps: 1. create and 2. order)

Do example of calling off and using web acces to report an absence

  • Composition of a secure password (Include at least one of each: lower case alpha, upper case alpha, numberic and symbol)
  • Do not share password or leave written at computer.
  • Change password whenever potetially compromised. (Ctrl+Alt+Delete)
Outlook (Email)
  • navigate the directory
  • single double line a list basic viewing of the widow
  • setting a signature for each user so we know what building and grade they are teaching.-- add an attatchment.

  • view alerts, mark read, reply
  • create message in message or note assignment in message center
  • upload a file with an assignment